USA Series

Florida Keys

Travel from Key West through the Florida Keys

This adventure will include 10 stops with a flight time of about 90 minutes depending on your aircraft and simulator speed. Additional time will include landing and takeoff, taxing and parking, as well as the time it takes for you to find the clues. You can stop at any point, remembering where you are, and picking up the trip at another time.

Difficulty Level = Easy

Departure Point = Key West International Airport (KEYW)

This is a FREE demo adventure. Download

If you want help with the adventure, you can purchase the Solutions Package for only $3. The package includes a PDF document with a page for each stop on the hunt with details of the stop and clue. There is also a flight plan file (Spoiler Alert) you can use within the simulator to make the flying easier (works with the autopilot on most aircraft.) See below.

Florida Keys Solutions Package - $3 Donation to Charity