• Your first clue is inside the Fly 'n Find Welcome Center building at your departure airport.

  • Sometimes, but not always, the color red will help you find the clue.

  • Stops may be airports, points of interest, aeronautical waypoints, landmarks, road intersections, and more.

  • Clues may be located on signs, vehicles, buildings, and other objects. You might also find a person who will tell you the clue.

  • If you stop at an airport, you will follow normal landing and takeoff procedures. If the stop is not an airport, you should fly to the closest point and pause the simulation.

  • Use the drone or showcase camera to move around an area to find the clue. Learn the keystrokes to control the drone. Here are a few:

    • Insert Key - Toggle drone

    • F2 - Increase drone speed

    • F1 - Decrease drone speed

  • While you should enjoy the scenery, if you want to speed things up, use the following keys to adjust the simulator:

    • Sim Rate - r

Installation of the Adventure Clue Hunt

You will receive a link to a webpage what will contain a link to download a zip file. The zip file will contain a folder that you copy into your Community folder for MSFS2020.

Instructions to find your Community Folder:

  • In MSFS, Go to Options / General

  • Click on "Developers" which you will find at the bottom of the list on the left

  • Switch Developers Mode on

  • On the Dev Menu on the top of the screen, select Tools / Virtual File System

IMPORTANT: You may need to disable an add-on that contains scenery for the area of the clue hunt. MSFS cannot handle multiple scenery objects in the same location.

Solutions Package

You can optionally purchase a solutions package that includes:

  • A PDF with a page for each stop with information about that stop and a picture of the entire flight.

  • A Flight Plan that can be loaded into MSFS 2020 (Not recommended since this will give away all the locations. Use at your own discretion)

Simply unzip the downloaded file and place the files in a location of your choice.

Levels of Difficulty

Each adventure is rated from 1 to 5 based on the level of difficulty.

  1. Beginner: All clues are outside, minimal piloting skills

  2. Easy: Only small airports, minimal altitude changes

  3. Standard: Might include medium size airports, more complex scenery, altitude changes

  4. Hard: Includes major airports or cities with a lot of scenery, more knowledge of airport procedures

  5. Difficult: Clues will be more difficult to find, requires advanced piloting skills

Terms and Conditions

  • No refunds

  • While we make every attempt to test and verify our scenery to be compatible with each version of MSFS, there is always a possibility that something might interfere with our scenery. If you feel this is the case, please inform us so we can try to remedy the situation. Your assistance will be appreciated.

  • Payments made via PayPal to Kaz Consulting, LLC. Paypal account not required.